13 Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

One of the common hindrances that occur in marriage is that after a while it can start to feel like you are more like roommates or business partners than lovers. You are balancing careers, kids, household duties, finances...it’s easy to forget that you are still a couple who need connection. That’s why date nights are super important….but they don’t have to break the bank or take a ton of time. It’s just important to spend some time together---time to have fun, communicate and reconnect. Nathan and I are fortunate to work together. So, once a week after a faculty meeting…Read More

6 Affordable Tools To Help You Automate Your Business

Running a business, whether large or small, takes TIME. And if your business is a side hustle, time is likely at a premium. When you are balancing family, business and oftentimes a full-time job...you need to know which tools you can use to keep things moving along….even if you are not hovering over your business constantly. These 6 Tools Will Help You Automate Your Business and Maintain your work/life balance without breaking the bank. Mailerlite Even if you have only been working on your business for a day, you have surely run across guides that talk about how important it…Read More

What Are SMART Goals ( Any Why Should You Make Them)?

Anyone who has ambition or vision for their life gets frustrated when it seems that they are just “spinning their wheels.” When it feels like you are not moving forward, you can easily become anxious, depressed and discontent. Many people who juggle multiple commitments tend to give themselves too much “flexibility” in making progress that they fail to set focused goals to help them stay on track. This is a hindrance to your overall growth and development, which is why implementing SMART Goals are a must for anyone looking to push forward in any area of their lives. What Are…Read More

21 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Slay Your Goals

Sometimes when you feel stuck and are not sure how to set goals or stick with them, a good quote can be the inspiring and motivating boost you need. These 21 goal setting quotes will help you set and slay those goals and get you moving forward. "Begin With The End In Mind" - Steven Covey Knowing where you want to end up, will give you a much clearer path on how to get there. "We aim above the mark to hit the mark." - Ralph Waldo Emerson "If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your…Read More

10 Ways To Rock Being A Working Mom

One day, towards the end of last school year, I went to work with my shirt on inside out and two shoes ( both black flats, thank God) that were not of the same pair. God bless...no one cared to say a word until later in the day... at which point it was my husband who so kindly pointed it out.  As working moms, we are constantly juggling and more often than not, we end up with those “hot mess” days. Bouncing between your responsibilities, your career, your children and your husband is challenging and overwhelming.  These are some of…Read More

6 Strategies To Help Your Child Develop Empathy

I know we all love our children... but, let's face it.... kids are pretty selfish beings. They are the center of their universe and are born with the notion that everyone exists to serve, care for and entertain them. This is just human nature and its natural from infancy through toddlerhood. We actually want them to focus on their little selves those first few years as they learn how to navigate the world that is relatively new to them. That's a tough gig! This egocentrism doesn't tend to subside until around the age of 8, and even then compassion and…Read More

When You Don’t Feel Good “Enough.”

Has it been one of those days?  Maybe your hair is not done. You haven't had a chance to shower. You're exhausted. The bills are piling up and you just feel like you can't get ahead. You are trying to build a business or just finish projects around the house and there are just not enough hours in the day. Maybe you feel guilty because someone just yelled "Mom" for the fifteenth time today, and you snapped back because you just want a moment of silence.  via GIPHY   Or maybe you went to your really successful corporate job and…Read More

15 Realistic Self-Care Tips You Can Put Into Practice TODAY

If you're anything like me you probably take pretty lousy care of yourself. I hate to make such a blatant judgment call, but I speak from experience.  As wives, moms, employees... I find that often times when we are trying to be everything for other people, we continually put ourselves last.... until we burn out. In our minds, logically, we know that we can't take care of others well unless we take care of ourselves. But, in the day to day, we are pretty lousy at putting that mantra into practice. It might not be realistic that you can spend…Read More

The TED Talk Every Parent Needs To Hear

If there is a TED Talk every parent needs to hear before sending their child back to school...this is it. Anyone that has worked around a school setting long enough no longer hears the word helicopter and thinks “Blackhawk" or "fun, little tourist activity."    The term "Helicopter Parent" has come to define a parenting style that educators struggle with every and students are at its detriment. Warning: I am not going to sugarcoat this. Helicopter parents are overly involved in their child's lives and struggle with letting their children make decisions, handle their own conflicts and ultimately develop those…Read More