6 Strategies To Help Your Child Develop Empathy

I know we all love our children... but, let's face it.... kids are pretty selfish beings. They are the center of their universe and are born with the notion that everyone exists to serve, care for and entertain them. This is just human nature and its natural from infancy through toddlerhood. We actually want them to focus on their little selves those first few years as they learn how to navigate the world that is relatively new to them. That's a tough gig! This egocentrism doesn't tend to subside until around the age of 8, and even then compassion and…Read More

The TED Talk Every Parent Needs To Hear

If there is a TED Talk every parent needs to hear before sending their child back to school...this is it. Anyone that has worked around a school setting long enough no longer hears the word helicopter and thinks “Blackhawk" or "fun, little tourist activity."    The term "Helicopter Parent" has come to define a parenting style that educators struggle with every and students are at its detriment. Warning: I am not going to sugarcoat this. Helicopter parents are overly involved in their child's lives and struggle with letting their children make decisions, handle their own conflicts and ultimately develop those…Read More