When You Don’t Feel Good “Enough.”

Has it been one of those days?  Maybe your hair is not done. You haven't had a chance to shower. You're exhausted. The bills are piling up and you just feel like you can't get ahead. You are trying to build a business or just finish projects around the house and there are just not enough hours in the day. Maybe you feel guilty because someone just yelled "Mom" for the fifteenth time today, and you snapped back because you just want a moment of silence.  via GIPHY   Or maybe you went to your really successful corporate job and…Read More

15 Realistic Self-Care Tips You Can Put Into Practice TODAY

If you're anything like me you probably take pretty lousy care of yourself. I hate to make such a blatant judgment call, but I speak from experience.  As wives, moms, employees... I find that often times when we are trying to be everything for other people, we continually put ourselves last.... until we burn out. In our minds, logically, we know that we can't take care of others well unless we take care of ourselves. But, in the day to day, we are pretty lousy at putting that mantra into practice. It might not be realistic that you can spend…Read More