What Are SMART Goals ( Any Why Should You Make Them)?

Anyone who has ambition or vision for their life gets frustrated when it seems that they are just “spinning their wheels.” When it feels like you are not moving forward, you can easily become anxious, depressed and discontent. Many people who juggle multiple commitments tend to give themselves too much “flexibility” in making progress that they fail to set focused goals to help them stay on track. This is a hindrance to your overall growth and development, which is why implementing SMART Goals are a must for anyone looking to push forward in any area of their lives. What Are…Read More

11 Commandments of Goal Setting

A lot of people seem to know what they want to achieve in their lives. Whether personal or professional, they want a nice income, healthy families, a job they love, etc. It’s easy to know what you want. Yet, many of us struggle to achieve these benchmarks and get frustrated when we don’t. Why? They have vaguely said what they want, yet have failed to give themselves specific goals to help them understand whether or not they are on the right track.  But how do you set a goal?  In this post, let’s talk about 11 commandments to follow in…Read More